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Wes Hinds


wes hinds cwhr remodeling contractorDemonstrating considerable artistic talent at an early age, I wanted to be an architect. On my way to becoming an Architect, the Vietnam War detoured me into the U.S. Air Force for a six year tour of duty. Upon completing my Air Force career as an instructor at Lowry A.F.B., I attended the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver graduating with an Associates Degree in Advertising Design. I freelanced for several years and opened a small successful advertising agency in the 1980s.

After moving to Montrose, Colorado, I landed a job working for Habitat Software, a family owned sports wear company doing silkscreen & embroidery wildlife art.

Five years later, due to declining demand of high quality embroidery art, I decided to return to what I grew up with. Home improvement.

Working for a small local handyman service, I soon became the main guy to fix the hack jobs of the other employees. But dealing with unhappy customers soon wore my attitude. I soon determined that if you could do the job right the first time, you wouldn’t have to do it over. Once again striking out on my own, C. Wesley’s Home Repairs was born with the business philosophy that if you do the job right the first time, you won’t have to do it over. Soon customers began to ask if I could remodel a bath, or kitchen, build a deck or an addition. Of course the answer was yes. Now 22 years into the remodeling business my customers will tell you, if you want it done right the first time, ask for Wes.